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biiward is the solution for endless discussions and threats with your children! When was the last time you consciously rewarded yourself and your child? biiward is the digital reward system for on the go, but of course also for at home. Set new goals for your child that they would like to achieve, because the path to them is accompanied in a motivating way. We guarantee you a good sense of achievement!

As of today, biiward supports you in a playful way with an easy-to-use point collection system to carry out strenuous tasks from all areas of life with fun again.

Create a profile for your child in a few seconds, which is accessible to all invited family members, with different access options, and start with a task. You have numerous options to select a task to be solved and rewards from a pool of templates or to upload them individually. If sub-goals are achieved in the completion of the task, you can award points with a selected animated symbol or avatar until the target points previously set with your child are achieved. If your child manages the task, an animated trophy is presented and the agreed reward can be redeemed.

Thanks to the installed chat function, you can exchange information about the status quo on the task with all family members.

You can access and synchronize the app from your smartphone or tablet with a password, Touch ID or Face ID.

The main features of biiward at a glance:

          Adding up to 5 children's names and photos

          Unlimited adding of reward photos or selection from the suggestion list

          Unlimited selection of tasks and rewards from the suggestion list or adding custom tasks and rewards

          Definition of target points

          Animated scoring

          Selection of reward characters

          Inviting up to 7 family members

          Shared use of the app by the child is possible

          Sending messages and photos in family group chat

          Accessing the account with password, Touch ID or Face ID

          Synchronizing and accessing all data, from anywhere, with iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets





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